Sunday, May 22, 2011


Around 1-2 days ago I got accepted into AFS-France. This is some of the most exciting news I have ever heard. Except when I heard it, I didn't feel very excited. I know that this is not something that I should have done, but I think I just expected to go to France so when they told me I was going I was just kind of like "Cool. I knew this already." But it is absolutely fantastic that I finally know where I am going, and what to prepare for, and what to tell people. I haven't been this happy for a very long time. And it isn't that I have been unhappy recently, it's because I am ECSTATIC!! Now I just have to wait a couple more months for my host family and where I have been placed. And between now and then (and after) get all of my Visa stuff worked out. But I am going to FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you everyone who has helped me and supported me. I really appreciate all of the support I have been getting. It is wonderful realizing that everyone wants me to succeed at this. So thank you :)

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